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How does the Winter testing cycle affect the Spring test?

Question asked by Megan Cottone on Nov 25, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2019 by Danielle Kerns

A question came up with my staff that I figured would be good to reach out to you on.  As we understand, the test adjusts fairly quickly to students' correct and incorrect answers; we are wondering this - if a student performs really well on their Winter assessment, could that (potentially) be hindering their progress in the Spring because they are now starting their Spring assessment at a much higher level?



Frank scores a 180 in the Fall, with a Projected Growth of 10 points.

In the Winter, he ROCKS it and ends with a 195

In the Spring, does the test then start at a 195 level?  How long does it take to adjust?


While this has only been the case for some, we have noticed that a few of our students who reach their growth goals in the Winter then fall below in the Spring & we are wondering the best way to handle those students who reach their goals earlier in the year but then drop below.