Danielle Kerns

Tip: Test aids in the test player

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on Jan 10, 2020

Are your students familiar with how to use the test aids in a MAP test? The Practice tests are a great way to show them what aid could potentially help them navigate a test item so they can focus on giving their best response to a question. Read below on what each test aid is intended for.


Zoom: Useful for enlarging the question display

Highlighter and Eraser: Useful for marking key parts of a question (not currently available on iPads)

Line Reader: Useful to focus attention on one line at a time, such as with reading passages

Notepad: Useful for making notes about the question

Answer Eliminator: Useful for marking wrong answers so they appear dimmer

Calculator: Either standard or scientific appears for applicable questions, based on grade level

Ruler and Protractor: Appear for applicable questions and enable students to measure lengths and angles, and to move and rotate the tools


Not all test aids will be available for every question and will only appear if relevant, and dependent on the item's difficulty level on what is being assessed. 


Read more about these universal features with How to use embedded universal features (test item aids).