Brett Abbotts

Setting Growth Goals with Early Elementary Students

Discussion created by Brett Abbotts on Nov 10, 2019

Our team has really been digging in on student ownership and having students identify their strengths and growth areas and we firmly believe that MAP is a great way for our kids to be able to do just that. We are actively seeking and researching some practices that others have used to identify what strategies or conversation stems that teams are using with students who are in grades K-2? We have been struggling to identify how to explain what their scores mean to them and what they can do as a learner to improve their current scores and tying everything together. 

We have considered looking at skills or practices that students could participate in, for example, "focus during class" and "practice reading 10 minutes at home each night" or "attend after-school math help club" and "participate in Friday morning read aloud with the principal." 

What are other teams doing and how could we work together?