Danielle Kerns

Tip: Reusing saved test sessions

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on Nov 22, 2019

Did you painstakingly create test sessions from fall and want to know if you can reuse them for winter? Why, yes you can! Test sessions that are saved and not deleted will remain available for the entire school year.


To locate a saved test session, see How to find a saved test session. Keep in mind that students that are not rostered to the current testing term will be removed from the test session list when it's started up. 


If you have the District Proctor role, you can test any student within your MAP system. The School Proctor role limits testing to only students that are associated with the schools that are applied to that user's role. This may also affect locating a saved test session. School Proctors can only see the test sessions that they have created for themselves or those that were created by a District Proctor. See more about the differences between these 2 roles with District Proctor vs School Proctor roles.