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MAP Topics Change by Term?

Question asked by Natalie Roman on Feb 7, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2020 by Brooke Mabry

I was reading one of the NWEA community blogs and read that the content of the MAP test changes each testing term. I was totally unaware that each testing term contains different content. Can I find a list of what topics are tested each testing term?


I would hate if our students have lower RIT scores simply because they were tested on material they have not seen yet. This may have happened to our students this Winter testing. Last year, in one of our MAP trainings it was suggested that Geometry and data analysis be taught earlier in the school year because it is usually left until the end of the school and therefore glossed over. Therefore, I made sure to teach geometry and data analysis in our second quarter. However, students commented that they did not see much of that on the Winter test; their math RIT scores also dropped, which was totally unexpected. After reading this, I am thinking it may be because they were tested on material that we are teaching in the third and fourth quarters.


Therefore, if we had the list of topics for each test, we could align our curriculum to match that so that students actually learn what they are being tested on.


Thank you!


Natalie Roman

Curriculum Specialist