Jennifer Clairmont

Texas MAP Users & New Mandate of TX-KEA: Using both at BOY?

Discussion created by Jennifer Clairmont on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on May 21, 2020 by Kimberly Caddell

As TEA has mandated that every Kindergartner take TX-KEA at BOY, has anyone planned for campuses that wish to take TX-KEA, MAP Growth, and MRF at BOY? 


Most of our campuses are requesting to take both the TX-KEA and MAP Growth, plus MRF, at the beginning of the year.  I support both sides.  It's a lot of testing, however, MAP Growth gives so much more detailed information and easy identification of areas of strength and growth.  And most importantly, we won't have any data for ASG Quadrant report. 


Have any other Texas school districts had this discussion of whether or not to allow schools to use both assessments?

Also, I am assuming that TX-KEA will be administered 30 days or 6 weeks after school starts which gives us some time for students to have a break between testing. 


Anyone else having these discussions?