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Re: Rethinking Middle of Year Testing: is December a better time for MOY?

Question asked by Jennifer Clairmont on Feb 28, 2020
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Branched from an earlier discussion

Lavoy, do you set your # of weeks of instruction at the default of 4, 20, and 32?  Or do you set them at 2, 16, and 30+?  Sounds like a crazy question, but just curious.  I know if you don't change to 2, 16, and 30+ at EOY then our students would appear lower in growth compared to their peers, however, I thinking of comparisons looking through the local lens of keeping the norming windows at the default each year. 


Also, I wonder if there's better peer norming with using the defualt of 4 weeks of instruction at BOY becuase more students are natually in that window and less students are in the norming with using 2 weeks?  And at the end of the day, does the 2 week difference make that much of a difference. Hmmmm....this just has me thinking ahead 3+ years down the road when we continue to compare year's of MAP data. 


I also like to reiterate that the ability to include the number of weeks is incredibly powerful in opening up our calendars to change the typical windows rather than doing what we've always done.....because we've always done it that way and no one ever asked why.