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District Professional Learning & Successful Outcomes

Discussion created by Jennifer Clairmont on Mar 25, 2020
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I am looking for advice on professional learning plans or ideas for year 2 of MAP Skills and Checklist targeted at setting goals and/or personalized learning for our RTI, Special Education, and Advanced Academics staff. 


We are finishing up our our pilot year, not quite as planned, with all virtual learning, after a successful pilot year of using MAP.  We built a comprehensive implementation plan which helped us be successful and prioritized PL throughout the year. 


One of the biggest areas of focus what professional learning. We had a very strategic professional learning delivery model that was highly successful.  And we have an incredible NWEA consultant team!!! Thank you to them! 


If we wanted to have high quality professional learning that targets certain groups of staff, for example RTI, Special Ed., or maybe even Advanced Academic teachers (PL on goal setting and/or personalized learning), any suggestions? 


Also, any tips on what NOT to do?


I appreciate any and all advice, feedback, and tips!