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Tips on End of Year Reflection for Teachers, Principals, or Central Admin to Improve MAP for Next Year

Discussion created by Jennifer Clairmont on Mar 4, 2020
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Has anyone used a resource to help all stakeholders reflect on current practices to improve processes, resources, professional learning, etc. towards the end of the year?


We are still in our pilot year of rolling out MAP.  Has anyone learned of key times to collect feedback on ways to improve implementation, request resources, make suggestions in a positive manner so our key stakeholders can help plan for improvements or changes next year?


Has anyone collected a "Top 3 List" of things to review at end of year that improves success for next year's MAP roll-out?  Or key considerations to review at end for year for principals, teachers, district staff, etc.?


Also, does anyone use any questions or routines to collect feedback to keep the positive momentum going forward for that continuous improvement of MAP learning and application for both students and teachers?


Any suggestions or models are greatly appreciated!