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MAP Suite, School Closures, & Strategies for All Those Free Resource Links

Discussion created by Jennifer Clairmont on Mar 18, 2020

Hello MAP Community ,


****Thanks to all of our MAP community colleagues who share and respond!****


In working through our Texas school closures, we are getting more than enough free links and resources from our textbook companies, web-based companies, social media, cousins, extended family members, and companies I don't recognize.


We all jump in to send them out or try to organize them in a way for the school community to use them.  Less is definitely more for our parents, teachers, school leaders and students!


Now, down to the key points:

  • parents and teachers in a confined space with a newly found and a completely unplanned homeschooling day
  • those parents that are at home are probably also trying to work from home and share devices, bandwidth, and "special mental demands" (for lack of a more universal definition of that feeling)
  • many households have enough connected devices to make 4G feel like the old days of dial-up
  • students are at home.....some with parents, some not 
  • if parents have time to help students get to sites and assignments that are being recommended by schools, it can be very frustrating if it's also new to students
  • Many teachers are also parents.  They are also struggling between sharing devices, bandwidth speed, doing their job as a teacher and being the parent teacher


What are reasonable expectations of  "Covid Home Schooling?" 


Has anyone put out some simple guidance to reassure parents that their students will continue to receive appropriate educational opportunities during this time that they'd be willing to share. I realize we've all made statements, but does anyone have any great ideas to expand on that?


What we know- MAP Skills is flexible and we can have teachers make "assignments"  and then do a quick Mastery Check.  It's quick, easy, and can keep teachers informed on where students are, which students we may need to reach out to,  and many more opportunities! 


We are using MAP Skills as an option to keep educational opportunities appropriate, reasonable (with above mentioned key points), customized, and timely as an option during our pilot year of using MAP.  For teachers who want to custom add assignments and then use Mastery Checks to quickly gauge where students are, we support that as an option.  We are seeing an increase in the use of MAP Skills, which is not mandatory to use in our district, as well as more interest in backing up and using the Skills Locator.  


We also have a Google doc where teachers can add links to suggest to other teachers to make the process quicker, easier, and more productive for students.  Overall, we are so encouraged to have MAP Suite because it is extreme flexibility with its features and options.



Does anyone else have any great ideas, quick documents for guidance, or links from MAP Skills assignments that are especially great to using during this time that they'd be willing to share?


And, for our dual language students or and bilingual students, does anyone have any great ideas to share?  We know that for many of our students, using MAP Skills and Fluency may be the only exposure to English they have during this time of isolation.


As always, many thanks to our dedicated teachers, interventionists, coordinators, principals, campus administrators, support staff, NWEA MAP Super Team of consultants, and especially our parents! 


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