Jennifer Clairmont

Leveraging Teacher Learning: An Excellent Time to Take Advantage of NWEAs On-demand Professional Learning

Discussion created by Jennifer Clairmont on Mar 20, 2020

Hello MAP Community,


Our district piloted MAP Growth and Fluency at 13 campuses this year with much success by leveraging our resources and devoting a lot of forward thinking into our MAP Implementation Plan.  The implementation plan is a 1-pager, front and back, simple but also summed up months of planning along with hundreds of pages of notes.


Reflecting my view as the district coordinator over MAP, I wouldn't change a single thing.  I made a few mistakes.  We all made few.  But, we learned so much from them.


Being at home during school closures has sped up the process of reflecting on what I can do better next year from my level, but these would also be things that principals, campus leadership, and our most valuable MAP leaders, our teachers may also reflect on and consider:


  • Leveraging the online MAP Professional Learning
    • 17 current courses available and they are packed full of resources  (of course- no mandates to watch all of them!)
    • I think NOW is a GREAT time to leverage them (self-paced, online, can pause, resume, and even get a transcript
  • Really paying attention to Growth Mindset from these PL opportunities from MAP!!!! (Biggest regret!)
  • Really making sure our students understand Growth Mindset AND the "WHY" behind MAP. Just like any adult, the "what's in it for me" is kind of a big deal if we want buy-in.


After we give our teams more time get settled in with working from home and being at home  during school closures, is anyone else also thinking of leveraging these professional learning opportunities now rather than at the beginning of the year?   Or when do you fit these learning opportunities in during a normal school year?