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Top 3 Focus Areas for Success in August 2020+ & New Practices Beyond Historical Era  of School Closures of 2019-20 with MAP Suite

Discussion created by Jennifer Clairmont on Apr 5, 2020
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Hello MAP Community,


As we get news updates by the hour, and sometimes by the minute, that affect our 2019-2020 school year, what top 3 things are you focusing on for August 2020 and beyond?  If only we had a crystal ball. to help us prepare for for professional learning and support as we bring on 21 new campuses after Covid 19.  


Does anyone else have any advice or thoughts on what their plans are as we have a chance to support our campuses and students using MAP products beginning in August 2020?


For us, we just piloted MAP Growth, Fluency, and dabbled in MAP Skills with 13 campuses. As we took our journey through MAP Growth and Fluency , with expertise growing from the campus level and moving upward, we explored MAP Skills at the campus level and saw some amazing data, flexible grouping ideas, self reflection, and those specific gaps to be addressed. 


Planning for next year, we have learned we need to look at:

(1) What "Growth Mindset" really means, what it looks like for a teacher, student, and student with teacher.  What does the conversations, interactions, and  student self understanding, etc. look and feel like?  As students sit to take a MAP Growth everyone on the same page?  We know now that we must ensure that all appropriate students must be retested following our retesting policy. 


(2) Moving our MAP Growth testing windows up to late August-early September rather than mid-late September- October.   Because MAP allows us to set our weeks of instruction prior to instruction prior to testing to ensure students and schools are accurately compared to similar peers, our data is what it actually is.  Keeping new norms in mind...if there were any year for new norms, this would probably be the best year.   There won't be an apple-to-apples comparison expectation. Being able to speak to that will be important, but with unprecedented times, we are expecting some Grace. Also, thanks to this great community along with our principals' input, we will be moving our Winter/MOY window to December rather than January. 


(3) More emphasis and higher reliance on MAP data as well as more teachers interested in exploring MAP Skills- Locator and perhaps Mastery Checks specifically beginning in the fall.  Without any precedent to refer to, we're all assuming students will have some gaps in grade level expectations and general concepts not addressed past Spring Break of 2020.  If we want to know exactly what those gaps are and we don't have our state (Texas) testing or other local data sources from Spring of 2020, it makes sense to use MAP Growth as the #1 data source...and, even for new to MAP campuses, probably MAP Skills Locator.  It's not advised, but with great teachers, leaders, and a universal growth mindset, we are preparing to support our staff and students in this capacity.    


Has anyone else started to plan for these top 3's?  Even in draft, if you're willing to share, we'd appreciate  your thoughts and advice?


Many thanks to all those that reach out and post on our community to help us all learn and help our teams as well as our top notch MAP consultant team.