Jennifer Clairmont

# of Weeks of Instruction Setting: Important to demonstrate the Covid Slide?

Discussion created by Jennifer Clairmont on Aug 1, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by Danielle Kerns

In rethinking the number of weeks of instruction prior to testing, I originally thought to have our District setting as "0."  I learned that option is only available in the calculator.  So, I changed our Districts settings to 2, the minimum. Do we need to be more accurate, even with a huge testing window, to demonstrate the Covid Slide or Slowdown?


Facts are, we have 13 campus that have less than a year's experience with MAP that started 2019-2020.  We are bringing on 21 new campuses to have a total of 34 campuses, grades K-8. 


As we prepare for the Fall, reality is looking like we will have to make our actual Fall 2020 window potentially 4-6+ weeks long due to technology, remote testing, and in-person testing....not to mention any other unknowns.  Knowing that, I thought to keep all campuses set at 2 weeks of instruction prior to testing. But, if we aren't more precise, then do we lose the actual data related to "Covid Slide" and "Slowdown"? 


Any other community members at the district level thinking about this also?