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Remote Proctors & Districts with Remote Proctoring: Can you share your experiences?

Discussion created by Jennifer Clairmont on Aug 2, 2020
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Hello Fellow MAP Community Members,


To those who have done remote proctoring, can you share your experience with us?



Anyone, PLEASE free to add you own questions!


1) Did you feel you needed to use another program for audio and visual communication between proctor and student throughout testing?  If so, what did you use?


2) Did anyone use Zoom to help proctor tests (work through any troubleshooting, monitoring, etc.?


3) Did you have a few proctors test all students due to remote learning or did all teachers continue to proctor their own students?


4) Any other 2020 hindsight visions or "wished I would have known/done"?


Again, anyone else who has questions, please add them in.   It will help us all!



Than k you NWEA for these great resources!  They cover all of my first round of questions and are very user friendly knowing the Fall testing challenges some of us may encounter. 


Remote testing overview for schools and districts

MAP Growth

MAP Growth (Spanish)

MAP Reading Fluency

MAP Accelerator


MAP Growth preparation materials

Proctor Checklist

Proctor Slide Deck


Guidance for families

Family Toolkit

K-2 Family Remote Testing Guidance

K-2 (iPads) Family Remote Testing Guidance

2+ Family Remote Testing Guidance



Additional resources

Administrator Login

Help Center

Teacher Toolkit