Danielle Kerns

Tip: Creating test sessions and best practices

Discussion created by Danielle Kerns on Aug 28, 2020

Fall testing is now in full swing and with the current school conditions, it's looking much different than ever before with having many students testing remotely.  Training your proctors is essential to ensure a successful testing season, no matter where the student is being assessed. We have tons of proctor training videos in our Pro Learning Online site as well as proctor guidance for testing outside of school. 


Some other quick tips include:

  • Keep your sessions manageable. Having too many students testing within the same session can be a challenge for proctors in watching for engagement alerts and assisting students that may need to have a testing status changed. 
  • If testing remotely, have them use the test URL instead of the Secure Testing apps or browsers so that a chat communication tool can be used. There's some great discussions happening on our Remote Testing page regarding this, so check to see what other schools have found successful. 
  • Proctors should be made aware of who their MAP Data Admins are in case a student needs to retest.
  • Should a proctor need quick assistance while testing, have them start up a chat with an NWEA expert and we can help on the spot.