• System Maintenance Windows

    Monthly Platform and Software Maintenance Windows   At NWEA, we continually seek ways to improve your experience using our products. We perform routine maintenance on our systems to facilitate necessary changes ...
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  • Secure Testing Browser requirement temporarily lifted

    In order to support MAP Growth remote testing, NWEA has lifted the requirement for students to test using a secure testing browser. If your district plans to test onsite and you would like this requirement re-ena...
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  • Oops! Where's my test window?

    Symptom After logging into a test session, the test pop-up window does not open and the following message appears: “Oops! Where's my test window?" Explanation This message appears when a pop-up blocker preve...
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  • When we did the device readiness test, it showed that we passed.  When we tried to go into testing, it said our device doesn't meet testing requirement.  What should we do?

    the message is regarding minimum screen resolution
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  • What to do when test completed

    I clicked end session and save and exit after a student completed the test. Now it says that same student is awaiting the test. What are we suppose to do when a student finishes the test and it says completed next to ...
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  • Maximize MAP with a new instructional connection

      As school districts all over the world begin to resume, Covid-19 has made business anything but usual. While students traditionally head back to an on-campus learning environment, a new normal has pushed educ...
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  • spinning

    Students test are spinning and not loading. They have already been testing.
    Kitty Mitchell
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  • Clarity on Exemptions

    I see the window for exemptions is 11/16-20.  During that time should I be administering the MAP to those students in Spanish?
    Shameeka Williams
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  • MAP Testing Chromebook kiosk app set-up guide

    Introduction The NWEA Secure Testing app is designed to run as a kiosk app to enable secure testing on Chromebooks. Steps The instructions to deploy this app have been adapted from Google's guide for Use Chromeboo...
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  • Proctors Accessing Test Sessions Created by Others

    Hello.  I am creating test sessions for may campus.  To start, I only created one session to make sure the proctor would be able to see the test session and access it.  The proctor can see the session, ...
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  • Are students allowed scratch paper for the math test

    Are students allowed scratch paper for the math test
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  • Remote Proctors & Districts with Remote Proctoring: Can you share your experiences?

    Hello Fellow MAP Community Members,   To those who have done remote proctoring, can you share your experience with us?     Anyone, PLEASE free to add you own questions!   1) Did you feel you nee...
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  • NWEA Rebranding FAQ (2017)

    Introduction In 2017, NWEA updated our brand. Partners were asking for clearer communication and it has been an exciting journey to determine how to best showcase our new solutions, while still staying true to our mi...
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  • Where can I check the system status for NWEA assessments?

    Question Where is NWEA's system status page located? Answer NWEA's status page is at http://status.nwea.org. This status page shows the current system status for all following products. You can also subscribe to t...
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  • How to subscribe to an incident on the NWEA Status Page

    Introduction You can subscribe to email or text message updates for specific incidents or planned maintenance windows on the NWEA Status Page. Steps These steps allow you to receive email or text message updates f...
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  • How to subscribe to updates to the NWEA status page

    Introduction RSS feeds are a way to view updates to a website from a centralized location on your web browser or mobile device, similar to a news aggregator or a digest. You can add NWEA status updates to your RSS fe...
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  • Maintenance windows for NWEA products

    Introduction NWEA has regularly scheduled windows for maintenance and software releases, as well as weekly publishing windows, where our services may not be available. Information You can find our maintenance wind...
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  • Suggestion Box space - FAQ

    Introduction Frequently asked questions on how to submit a suggestion regarding a product or their support services in the Suggestion Box space Information I have a suggestion for NWEA! Where can I submit it?To su...
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  • Tip: Show of Hands!

    Teachers! The Show of Hands community space was developed specifically for our teachers that use MAP and has tons of dedicated resources to help you support your students. Our Professional Learning team at NWEA w...
    Danielle Kerns
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  • How do you schedule MAP testing on a 4x4 block schedule?

    Because of the changes this year, our division has our high schools on a 4x4 semester block schedule. After discussing with my account manager, it sounds like the easiest thing to do is to test everyone in t...
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