Practice tests (formerly test warm-ups) for MAP Growth

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Use practice tests to help prepare students for testing. There are practice tests for both MAP Growth and MAP Growth K-2.

NWEA released new practice tests available February 19th, 2018.

How do we use the practice tests?
Students can access the practice tests from the test session login page by clicking the Try the Practice Test link, or you can access the practice tests at

For full instructions, including the username and password to sign in to the practice tests, see Practice Tests for MAP Growth.

What grades and subjects are available?
Practice tests are available for the following grades and subjects:
  • Math: K-12
  • Reading: K-12
  • Language: 2-12
  • Science: 2-12
Grade 2 students are able to choose between a practice version of the Growth: K-2 test with audio support and the standard Growth test.

Do the practice tests have text-to-speech and test aids? Are they compatible with screen readers?
With the exception of K-2 tests, all practice tests have the zoom, highlighter and eraser, line reader, and notepad test aids available. Applicable test items may also have the answer eliminator, calculator, ruler, or protractor test aids available. You can enable text-to-speech when setting up the practice test.

To use the practice test with a screen reader, select the practice test labeled "accessible".

Can we still assign the PRACTICE: K-2 tests in our test sessions?
Yes, if you prefer to use the K-2 practice tests that you can assign and proctor in a test session, you may still assign these tests in test sessions. However, you are not required to take these tests; the new practice tests have all of the functionality of the older practice K-2 tests, and these older K-2 practice tests may be retired in the future.

The K-2 practice tests were released in October 2017. They are administered like standard tests, but are automatically invalidated, do not receive a RIT score, and do not appear on any reports.

To access these tests:
  1. Create or open a test session.
  2. Assign either the PRACTICE: Math K-2 test (10 questions) or the PRACTICE: Reading K-2 test (8 questions).
  3. Students can sign in to take the test as they would any other MAP Growth assessment.
See Proctor Steps for more information on setting up test sessions.

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