Practice tests (formerly test warm-ups) for MAP Growth

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Use practice tests to help prepare students for testing. There are practice tests for both MAP Growth and MAP Growth K-2.


How do we use the practice tests?

Students can access the practice tests multiple ways:
  • From the test session login page by clicking the Try the Practice Test link.
  • From the test session login page by selecting Student Resources > MAP Growth Grades K-2 or MAP Growth Grades 2+ > Practice Test > Open Practice Test.
  • By using the direct URL:

Practice test username and password: 
The username and password for the practice tests is "grow".

For full instructions, see Practice Tests for MAP Growth in the MAP Help Center.

Are the practice tests adaptive?

No, the practice tests are fixed form, not adaptive. The practice test displays a variety of items that show the wide span of the test. Grades K-2, grades 2-5, and grades 6-12 will see the same items, regardless of grade chosen, that match to their appropriate test form. The purpose of the practice tests is to introduce the test form, function, and types of items, not to prepare students for the content.

What grades and subjects are available?

Practice tests are available for the following grades and subjects:
  • Math: K-12
  • Reading: K-12
  • Language: 2-12
  • Science: 3-8

Grade 2 students are able to choose between a practice version of the Growth: K-2 test with audio support and the standard Growth test.

Do the practice tests have text-to-speech and test aids? Are they compatible with screen readers?

With the exception of K-2 tests, all practice tests have the zoom, highlighter and eraser, line reader, and notepad test aids available. Applicable test items may also have the answer eliminator, calculator, ruler, or protractor test aids available. You can enable text-to-speech when setting up the practice test.

To use the practice test with a screen reader, select the practice test labeled "accessible".

Are there other resources available to help prepare students for MAP testing?

You can access the Student Resources page from the MAP test session log in page or directly at in a supported web browser. It has videos introducing MAP to students, and for 2+ assessments, it has videos describing how to use the test tool bar. For details, see About the Student Resources page.

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