About the NWEA Secure Testing Browser for Mac and Windows

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Information about the NWEA Secure Testing Browser, including version history, features, and system requirements.


Features of the NWEA Secure Testing Browser:

  • Opens directly to the testing session log in screen
  • Fills the entire computer screen
  • Restricts navigation to other URLs, applications, and files on the computer

System requirements:

See System and Bandwidth Requirements in the MAP Help Center for more details.

Current versions:

To find out what version you have installed, see How to download, install, or update NWEA Secure Testing Browser for Mac or Windows.

  • Version (released 7/17/2020)
  • Version (released 6/15/2019)
  • Version (minimum required as of July 22, 2019) (released 6/8/2018) 
  • Version (optional, will be required as of November 15, 2020) (released 2/7/2020)
  • Version (optional) (released 9/5/2019)
  • Version (minimum required version as of July 22, 2019)

Note: Users running Mac OS 10.14 and Secure Testing Browser version or should disable the screen saver on their devices prior to testing. Otherwise, if the screen saver comes on while the Secure Testing Browser is open, the computer will freeze up and will need to be restarted in order to be used. To prevent this issue, either disable the Mac screen saver in system preferences or ensure students close the Secure Testing Browser after they finish their tests.

To download, install, or update:

See How to download, install, or update NWEA Secure Testing Browser for Mac or Windows.

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