What is the orange dotted line?

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What is the orange dotted or dashed line that I see when accessing a MAP Growth or MAP Skills assessment?

The orange dotted line has been added to support keyboard navigation. It highlights the element on the screen with focus for students who are navigating using a keyboard. Focus can be moved from one element of the active page to the next by pressing the Tab key. Pressing the space bar will activate the element with focus.

Keyboard navigation has been added to allow students multiple means of interacting with the assessment as recommend in the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework.

A screenshot example of the dotted line in action on the test session sign-in screen is below:

Student login screen

Multi-select items
The dotted line does not indicate that an answer option has been selected. An answer option that has been selected will have a solid black line surrounding it. For items that allow multiple selections, the option the student has selected will remain selected even if the orange dotted line is not currently highlighting this option.

Screenshot of a test item showing 3 elephants.

In the above example, two elephants are selected by the student. The third elephant is highlighted by the orange dotted line. If the student submits the answer, the third elephant is not considered selected.

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