Selecting Add/Update or Overwrite when importing roster files

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When you import a standard roster for a term that already has data assigned, you have the option to update or overwrite data for the selected term.

If you select Overwrite, all roster and program data for the schools included in the file you import will be overwritten for the term. If you do not upload a programs file, all existing programs will be deleted.



This option will append any new data to the existing data for the term. New profiles are created for any new students or teachers, and existing profiles will be updated. Profiles not included in the roster will be unaltered. No existing classes, profiles, or programs will be removed.

This option is selected by default, and is appropriate for most circumstances.


All existing term data for any student or instructor in any school included in the roster will be replaced. Students and instructors omitted from the roster will become unrostered for the term. See What does "Overwrite" do when importing rosters? for more details.

Since this option removes existing term data, you should not use it unless you have a specific need to remove data. Some examples of when you might use this option are below:
  • You accidentally imported a roster for the wrong term
  • You initially imported data before class assignments were finalized
  • There was a major error on the previous roster, such as rostering all students to the wrong grade
: The options to add/update or overwrite existing data are only available for the standard import type.

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