What does "Overwrite" do when importing rosters?

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What does "Overwrite" do when importing rosters?

The Overwrite option overwrites all enrollment data for all schools included in the roster file, and replaces it with the data included in the file.

What existing data is removed?

  • Term information for students at all schools included in the file
  • Term information for instructors at all schools included in the file

What data is not removed or changed?

  • Test results
  • Student and instructor profiles
  • Data for any school not included in the file
  • Instructor logins and passwords

When should I use the Overwrite option?

Some organizations with a highly mobile student population import rosters regularly with the Overwrite option selected. This allows these organizations to more easily process school changes and unenrollments.

Aside from these considerations, the major reason to use the overwrite option is if the first roster contained a major error, such as students all rostered with the wrong grade or ID.

What are the risks?

If you omit any students who have tested, those students will become unrostered and will not appear on reports. You must re-add their required reporting attributes to allow their test results to appear on reports again.

Can I import the roster while students are testing?

Yes, you can import rosters during testing. The test experience will not be affected, and existing test sessions will not be changed. If any students become unrostered and are actively taking a test, they will be able to complete their test. Their results will be saved, but will not appear on reports as described above.

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