MAP Growth test appears to skip questions

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During testing, the test appears to skip over test items. For example, you see the question number on the proctor console jump from question 12 to question 15.

Due to their adaptive test design, MAP Growth tests will not skip questions. The test requires a student to submit an answer before it can determine the next test item. The test does not select any answer by default, and student interaction is required for an answer to be submitted. The test will not end until the student submits the required number of answers.

The numbering on the proctor console is an approximation. The proctor console only updates every 60-120 seconds, so you will often see test numbering skipping ahead. Select Refresh Status to update all students. If this does not work, navigate away from the test session, then choose Manage Test Sessions > Return to Testing.

If you want to verify that a student did respond to the correct number of questions, a user with the Data Administrator role can check the test details to see each item response and duration. To do this:
  1. Go to Manage Students and search for the student.
  2. Select the student.
  3. Select View/Update Test Events.
  4. Choose a test and select View Details.
Item details may show a question number listed twice: one with a duration and item calibration, and one without. This indicates that the test was interrupted and resumed on this particular question number.

See alsoMAP Growth: Number of questions per test.

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