Can I retest students with MAP?

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Can I retest students?

NWEA discourages retesting a student for reasons other than test fatigue, stress, students speeding through the test, illness, or scheduling concerns. However, the decision to retest is ultimately at the district's discretion.

How do I retest students?

Unless your organization restricts the number of times a student can test, you do not need to take any special action to retest a student. You can set up the test session and assign the test as normal. See Set Up Testing in the MAP Help Center.

For information on how to override a test frequency restriction, see Overriding a Test Restriction in the MAP Help Center.

Which test will appear on reports?

If a district elects to retest a student, the test score with the lowest standard error of measure (SEM) will appear in black text on reports, while the other results will appear in gray. For more details, see How does MAP choose which test to include on reports when a student retests?

A higher SEM on a test indicates that the student had a more erratic, or inconsistent answering pattern, and therefore the end result is less indicative of the student’s understanding of the material. Therefore, the test with the most reliable answering pattern will always be the valid test on reports, even if it is not the highest RIT score. For more information on SEM, see Standard error of measure: Definition and calculations.

How do I change which test appears on reports?

If you wish to change which test is the valid test for growth purposes, you can suppress the unwanted test from reports. There is no way to completely delete a test from the MAP system. To suppress the test, see Fix Test Events in the MAP Help Center.

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