Oops! Where's my test window?

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After logging into a test session, the test pop-up window does not open and the following message appears: “Oops! Where's my test window?"

This message appears when a pop-up blocker prevented the test window from opening, or the test window opened but was accidentally closed.

Check other open tabs or windows
The test window typically opens in a pop-up window. Your browser settings may have caused it to open in a background tab or a background window.

Refresh the page
If the student accidentally closed the test window pop-up, refreshing the page should cause the test window to appear.

Use a supported web browser. The currently-supported web browsers can be found in the System and Bandwidth Requirements.

Disable pop-up blocking:
  • Chrome: Click the Menu icon to the right of the address bar (it is the icon with three parallel lines). Select Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Content Settings… > Pop-ups. Select Allow all sites to show pop-ups.
  • Firefox (Windows): Click the Menu icon to the right of the address bar (the icon with three parallel lines.) Select Options > Content. Clear the Block pop-up windows check box.
  • Firefox (Mac OS X): From the menu, select Firefox > Preferences > Content. Clear the Block pop-up windows checkbox.
  • Safari: From the Safari menu, select Preferences. Clear the Block pop-up windows check box.
  • iPad: Settings > Safari > Block Pop-ups. If the slider is green, turn it off by swiping to the left.
Check network connectivity
If you are able to open the test session but the page does not load, make sure that you are connected to the network. Have the proctor use a different web browser and try accessing a web page, such as http://NWEA.org. If you are unable to browse to another website, contact your organization's network admininstrator for further troubleshooting.

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