Data on reports is different after test window is marked complete

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Report data has changed after the test window is marked complete.

Some users may notice that data on reports have changed after the test window was closed and new reports have been generated. While closing the test window can prevent new tests from showing up as valid on reports, there are several actions that can affect reports even after the test window is closed.

To resolve this issue, please check the following:

Excluding tests from reports:

If you have students that have retested during the test window, users with the Data Administrator role may not have excluded the original test events until after the test window was marked complete. This change will be reflected on new reports even if the test window is marked complete. For more information on retesting students and how this reflects in reports see Can I retest students with MAP?

Updating student information:

If you update student information manually or through a roster import, these changes will be reflected on reports, even if the test window is marked complete. This can lead to students appearing on reports when they had previously been missing or in situations where students disappear from reports entirely. This would affect not only class reports but district summary reports as well.

Changes to the test window:

The test window can be reopened and changed even after it has been marked complete. Depending on how much the test window was changed or if more students have been tested, it could have a significant impact on reports.

Changes to the number of instructional weeks:

If you change the weeks of instruction in your MAP Growth settings, you will likely see a corresponding change in percentiles and growth projections on reports for that term.

NWEA recommends waiting until all data for the term has been finalized, and testing is completed before running final reports for your district.

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