"Test My Class" button is greyed out

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The "Test My Class" button is greyed out or not clickable.

There are a few possible causes of this error:
  • You have an active test session already in progress.
  • You do not have any classes assigned.
  • There are no students assigned to your class.
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To resolve this issue:

Check for an active session in progress

To see if you have an active session already in progress:
  1. Go to Manage Test Sessions
  2. Locate and select the Return to Testing button on the far right
  3. Click on End Session 
  4. Choose to Save and Exit or Delete Session
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Roster students or classes for the current term

If the issue persists, this means that students or classes are not assigned to you for the current term. Please contact your organization's MAP leadership for assistance.

Users with the Data Administrator or System Administrator roles can try the following steps to roster students and classes:
  1. Import a standard roster for the current term (recommended - Data Administrators only).
    • A student-only or instructor-only roster will not create class assignments.
  2. Add classes and students manually:
    1. Create a class in the instructor's profile.
    2. Modify student profiles to add the students to the class, either one-by-one or in bulk.

Why did Test My Class suddenly stop working?

If the Test My Class button was functioning previously, but became unclickable one day, it is likely that the MAP system has rolled over to a new academic term, and your classes have not been rostered for the new term. Users with the District Assessment Coordinator or System Administrator roles can view and modify the term start and end dates in Modify Preferences > Manage Terms.

If this is not the case, then you or your students have been unrostered by your organization. Contact your organization's System Administrator or Data Administrator for assistance.

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