How is the School of Record determined on imports?

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If a student is assigned to more than one school in a roster, how is the School of Record determined?

When you assign students to more than one school in a roster, no school of record is assigned, unless the student has already been assigned a school of record for the term (either manually, or from a previous roster import.)

When students are enrolled in multiple schools on one import file, the import process has no way of determining which school should be the school of record. You will need to assign the school of record manually under Manage Students at the MAP Administration and Reporting Center (MARC).

Workarounds and best practices

Separate imports
- Best if you have large numbers of dual-enrolled students

  1. Import students at their school of record only.
  2. Do a second import file containing the secondary school and class assignments.

Assign school of record manually
- best for small numbers of dual-enrolled students

  1. Use the Students Without Reporting Attributes operational report to find the students missing the school of record.
  2. Go to Manage Students.
  3. Search for the student and select View/Update.
  4. Select the appropriate term and choose View/Update Term.
  5. Under the Schools section, select a school and choose Designate as School of Record.
  6. Click Update Term.
  7. Click Continue. Review the changes for accuracy.
  8. Click Submit to save the changes.
  9. Changes will be reflected on reports the next day.

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