Unable to modify term dates

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You are unable to modify term dates within an academic year.

This can occur when there is a conflict with one or more of the dates within a term or academic year.

Check for the following:
  1. Term dates cannot overlap between terms:
    1. Compare Term End Date of the previous term to the Term Start Date of the term you are updating. They cannot overlap.
    2. Compare the Term Start Date of the next term to the Term End Date of the term you are updating to make sure they don't overlap.
  2. Term dates cannot have gaps, the start of a term must be the day following the end of the previous term.
    • For example, if if the fall term end date is 11/30, then the winter term start date must be 12/1.
  3. Test window dates must be within the term window dates for the term.
  4. The first and last days of the academic year - the fall term start date and the summer term end date - cannot be adjusted in Modify Preferences. See Changing the fall term start date for more information.

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