Customizing the quadrant chart in the ASG Summary with Quadrant Chart report

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When you first generate the ASG Summary with Quadrant Chart report, the quadrant chart uses the 50th percentiles for conditional growth and achievement to create the quadrants. You can modify these percentiles to better fit your needs.


How to change the percentiles:

  • You can adjust the size of the quadrants by dragging the axis separating one quadrant from another.
  • You can type the desired percentiles into the fields for conditional growth percentile and achievement percentile. 

Why might I want to change the percentiles? 

A student at the 50th percentile is performing at a level where, according to our norms, 50% of the students in his or her norms group are performing better and 50% are performing worse. This is a good starting point, but there are a few reasons why you may want to change these values.

Achievement level standards 

Some organizations or educational programs may only consider students performing in the 70th percentile or higher to be high achieving. In such cases you might adjust the achievement percentile to group students according to those standards. 

Logical grouping of students for instructional needs 

Some students might only differ by a few percentile points. Yet, depending on what percentile value is used, one student might be considered to be a low achiever, while the other might be considered to be a high achiever. In these cases, it may make sense logically to group these students in the same achievement category.
In the below image, the student indicated by a red arrow is in the red quadrant, but probably has more in common with the students in the orange quadrant than the other students in the red quadrant. So we may want to adjust the graph to group this student with students who have similar instructional needs. 

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