MAP Reading Fluency: Student fails the readiness check

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A student did not pass the combined mouse and microphone readiness check and is now locked out of the test.

The combined mouse and microphone readiness check is intended to prevent students from beginning the test if they are unable to follow the directions, speak aloud when prompted, and maneuver the mouse. If a student struggles with the readiness check, they become locked out of the test.

To allow the student to test again:
  1. Find students who are locked out by checking the Equipment Help Needed column of the Proctor Dashboard.
    • If you have a large class, you may need to scroll to find the students that have failed the equipment checklist. 
  2. Troubleshoot possible equipment issues:
    1. Check to make sure the mute button isn't pressed on the student's headset.
    2. Reduce background noises, such as an open window or fan.
    3. If needed, switch headsets or move the student to another computer.
    4. If needed, review Setting Up for Testing in the MAP Help Center.
  3. Decide whether the student should retake the readiness check now, later (after getting more mouse practice), or skip it completely.
    • To reset the readiness check:
      1. Click Unlock on the Proctor Dashboard.
      2. When ready, have the student log back in to restart the readiness check.
    • To skip the mouse skills check:
      1. Click Unlock on the Proctor Dashboard.
      2. Select the Assignments tab.
      3. Select the student and click Edit.
      4. Clear the Include Mouse Skills Check checkbox.

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