About the scores in the Oral Reading Fluency individual student reports

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How are the various scores calculated in the individual student report for the Oral Reading Fluency assessment: Words Correct Per Minute, Decoding Accuracy, and Comprehension Quiz?

The scores in the individual student report for the Oral Reading Fluency assessment are calculated as follows:
  • Words Correct Per Minute: See How are words correct per minute calculated in MAP Reading Fluency?
  • Decoding Accuracy: Percentage of words attempted that were read correctly.
  • Comprehension Quiz: Percentage of questions answered correctly on the quizzes given after the reading passage. This is only available if the student advanced from picture book reading to passage reading.

Definitions of the skills students are evaluated on are below:
  • Decoding: Turn printed words into the right sounds
  • Phonics: Match letter patterns to sounds
    • Sentence Reading Fluency: Read on-screen sentence silently to judge meaning of words. Administered if student scores well enough in the Phonics section and indicates they are nearly ready to read
  • Phonological Awareness: Hear and manipulate sound segments in auditory words
  • Language Comprehension: Process spoken language
  • Reading Comprehension: Process written language and understand it by making connections with prior knowledge

For more information, as well as explanations for other parts of the report, see Student Reports under Reviewing Test Results in the MAP Help Center.

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