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When you try to resume a suspended test, or get a student back into a test after they received an error, the student's test unexpectedly starts at question 1.

There are several reasons this may occur:
  • The previous test has actually been completed.
  • The proctor terminated the test instead of suspending or pausing.
  • The student is assigned the wrong test.
  • The student started the test under the wrong student name, or under a duplicate student profile.
  • The student is trying to resume a test that is more than 28 days old.

To determine the reason the student started a new test, check the following:

Verify the student is assigned the correct test

Check the test name to make sure the student is assigned the same test. Some common test differences to check for are:
  • Growth vs. Screening. For most purposes, students will take the Growth version of the test.
  • Reading vs. Language
  • Correct grade range (K-2, 2-5, 6+, etc)

If the student is not assigned the correct test, suspend the test, select the student, and choose Test Again from the Select Action menu. Then change their test assignment.

Tests older than 28 days

Tests older than 28 days cannot be resumed. The student must start a new test.

Check whether the previous test was completed or terminated

To check for a completed or terminated test:
  1. If the test was started on a previous day, try generating a report for the student to see if the test was completed.
  2. Check the student's full test history in Manage Students. This requires the Data Administrator role:
    1. Go to Manage Students and search for the student.
    2. Select the student, and select View/Update Test Events.
    3. All completed or terminated tests for the student are listed. Check the Test Status column to see whether the test is completed or terminated.
    4. Terminated tests cannot be resumed or retrieved.
    5. Suspended tests are not listed.

Rarely, a student will complete a test and receive an error message instead of the normal end-of-test screen. In these situations, the completed test is valid and should appear on reports as normal. If this error happens frequently at your organization, it may indicate a connectivity issue. See Connection issues and white screens during testing.

Check for duplicate profiles or similar profiles

You can search for the student using various search criteria (for example, search by last name only) under Manage Students to see if there is a duplicate. Users with the District Assessment Coordinator or Data Administrator roles can also use the Potential Duplicate Profiles report.

If the student started a test under a duplicate profile, or if you suspect the student started the test under another student's name, the test must be completed or terminated under that duplicate or similar profile; it cannot be moved to the correct profile until it is completed or terminated. Once the test is complete, a user with the Data Administrator role can move the test or merge the duplicate profiles. See How to merge duplicate students or How to move tests to a different student in MAP Growth.

Need more help?

If you are unable to find out why the student's test started at question 1, contact Partner Support for assistance.

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