How to move students between districts

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Student Data Transfer is only available to state-contracted districts. Districts who are not a part of a MAP state contract will not be able to transfer a student's data to another district. For state-contracted districts, NWEA has created a tool, the Student Data Transfer form, to support the need to transfer students (and their data) from one district to another within your state, or to remove student data from your district and allow it to be used by a future district. Note: You do not need to transfer a student in order to test them. Districts can roster the student through the normal rostering process and test the student. The purpose of the transfer tool is to move any historical data for that student to their new district.

Click here to skip to the Student Data Transfer form.

This tool will facilitate the move of all student data in the NWEA databases, including demographic information and test results, from one district to another. Either the departing district (where the student data currently resides) or the destination district (where the student data needs to move) can request the transfer. This tool is not intended to move a student from school to school within a district; if you need to move a student between schools, see Fix Student Account Profile.

Please make your best efforts to contact the other district (for example, if the departing district requests the transfer, the departing district will use best efforts to contact the destination district and vice versa) to confirm that the other district will accept the transfer. Please add the emails of your contacts at those districts into the transfer form.


  • You must be part of a state-contracted district. If you are not sure, contact your NWEA Account Manager for assistance.
  • You must have the Data Administrator or District Assessment Coordinator role. If you are unsure what your role is, log in to Profile Management using your NWEA Services (Professional Learning or Community) login. If you have one or more of these roles, and cannot access the Student Data Transfer form, please contact Partner Support.

How to use the tool:

Prepare your data:

Before submitting your request to transfer a student:
  1. If you are the departing district, verify that the students you are transferring are not duplicated. To do this please follow the steps below:
    1. Generate the Potential Duplicate Profiles report to identify duplicate students.
    2. If the student is duplicated, follow the steps in Merge Student Test Data to merge the profiles so all data is sent during the transfer.
  2. If you are moving multiple students, prepare a CSV file with the student information. You can download the template here: Multiple Student Transfer Template. Delete the 2nd and 3rd rows from the file before uploading.
  3. Recommended: Contact the other district (for example, if the departing district requests the transfer, the departing district will use best efforts to contact the destination district and vice versa) to confirm that the other district will accept the transfer.
  4. Add the emails of your contacts at those districts into the transfer form or file, if available.
    • If you do not know which district the student is transferring to, enter STATE TEMPORARY DISTRICT in the departing or destination district, as appropriate. In this case, we will remove the student from your district but keep the data within NWEA. Once the student has a destination district, the destination district can create another transfer request to move the data.
  5. Remember, you can only transfer data to or from a district that is part of your state DOE contract with NWEA.

Submit the transfer request:

  1. Navigate to the District Transfer Tool.
    1. If you have one student, fill out the form. You can only enter one student at a time using this form.
    2. If you have multiple students, click Upload CSV and upload your prepared file. The Multiple Student Transfer Template is located here.
  2. Accept the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the page and click Submit.
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  3. To follow your request, log in to Case Management at NWEA Connection. NWEA will notify you and the contact you specify via email once the students are successfully transferred. Once the required data is successfully received and verified by NWEA, requests are processed within 1 business day.

Important steps after the student is transferred:

  1. If you are the departing district and are using an automated roster solution such as Clever, remove the transferred students from your student information system (SIS) instead of making them inactive. This ensures they will not be automatically re-rostered to the incorrect district.
  2. If you are the destination district, roster the student to the current term and any historical terms with testing data. Transferred students are not automatically added to schools, teachers, or classes.

    A Data Administrator at the student's new district must do the following:
    1. In the MAP Administration and Reporting Center (MARC), search for the students in Manage Students.
    2. Verify that the student has all required reporting attributes and is rostered to the current term. See Fix Student Account Profile for instructions. Once the student is rostered for the current term, they will be able to test immediately at the new district. Their data will appear on reports the next day.
    3. Roster the student to any previous terms for which you want testing data to appear. If you do not roster the student to previous terms, tests taken in those terms will not appear on reports.
    4. If a student has already tested at the destination district, merge the student's transferred data with any existing data at the destination district. See Merge Student Test Data for instructions. This could happen if there is a delay between receipt of the new student and a completed data transfer request.
  3. If you are the destination district and your district uses an automated rostering system, ensure the student has been added to your SIS.

If the student is missing from MAP Growth reports the day after adding required reporting attributes, generate the Students Without Reporting Attributes report to see if the student is still missing data. See Test results not showing in MAP Growth reports for further troubleshooting steps.

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