Calculators on MAP Growth tests

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Which tests and items have calculators available, and what are the available calculators?


What types of on-screen calculators are available?

NWEA has developed 2 calculators: basic and scientific. Here is a brief description of the calculator types:
  • Basic: 4-function calculator.
  • Scientific: Includes the square root function, as well as exponents, logs, trig functions, etc.

Can I practice using the calculators?

Yes. There are calculator practice tests for math and science. See Practice tests (formerly test warm-ups) for MAP Growth.

Which tests use which calculators?

The basic calculator can be found on items that are appropriate for calculator use on the MAP Growth 2-5 and 6+ assessments. The scientific calculator can be found on appropriate items on the MAP Growth 6+ assessment. These are the only test-level restrictions on calculators. No MAP Growth K-2 items or tests have a calculator available for use.

Is there a graphing calculator?

Previously, NWEA had an advanced calculator that included graphing capabilities. However, this calculator has been phased out of MAP tests, and there are no current items in any MAP tests that require a graphing calculator.

How does the test determine which calculator to display? Is it based on grade?

Aside from the above test restrictions, the individual items, and not the test itself, determine which calculator is available for use. Each item with a calculator has a specific calculator type. Students cannot choose a specific calculator. If an item includes a calculator, it is designed for use with that calculator type. The attached calculator should match the content and expected calculations for an item.

The MAP Growth test is grade agnostic, and therefore the calculator is not introduced at any particular grade level. They are assigned at the item level for appropriate items.

Why don't all test items involving computation have a calculator available?

Many test items involving computation are specifically assessing a student's ability to perform a computation or make an estimate without the use of a calculator. The availability of a calculator is part of an item's difficulty, meaning that an item without a calculator will likely have a higher calibrated RIT score than a similar item with a calculator. Providing a calculator for an item that was calibrated without the use of a calculator would give the student an unfair advantage.

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