Students do not appear in MAP Reading Fluency

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After rostering or when using roster look-back, students do not appear in MAP Reading Fluency.

Students must be in grades K-3 and rostered to the current term in order to appear in MAP Reading Fluency.


If students are missing from MAP Reading Fluency, check the following:

Student's grade not included in MAP Reading Fluency

MAP Reading Fluency is only for grades K-3. Students in grades other than K-3 will not appear in MAP Reading Fluency. To check the grade the student is rostered to in the student's profile:
  1. Under Manage Students, enter your search criteria and click Search.
  2. Select the student you would like to view.
  3. Select View/Update.
  4. Under Terms, select the applicable term and click View/Update Term.
  5. View the grade that is selected for the Grade field.

Student is not rostered to the term

Students need to be rostered to the term in order to test.
Note: Fall term for MAP Reading Fluency begins on 7/20 and is typically different from the MAP Growth fall term. See: MAP Reading Fluency test terms 

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