Which reports show Spanish test results?

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Which reports show Spanish test results?


Spanish math

Spanish math tests show on all MAP Growth reports, the same as the English math test. See MAP Reports Summary in the MAP Help Center.

Spanish reading

Spanish reading tests show on all MAP Growth reports except the Projected Proficiency report. Additionally, Spanish reading is treated as a different subject than English; students taking both English and Spanish reading assessments will have two separate growth events.

Are Lexile scores available?

Not at this time. We are exploring adding Spanish Lexile for a future release.

Is the learning continuum available?

Yes, Spanish reading tests have their own learning continuum report. The learning continuum is available for Texas, California, Florida, and Common Core standards. If you are in a state that doesn't use one of these standards, a "general" version is available, however, the general version only has the Topics view, and cannot be viewed by standard.

The learning constructs of Spanish and English reading are different, so there are some learning statements that are only available in Spanish, and some English statements that have been removed, to reflect these learning differences. The standards in the learning continuum for Spanish may also be labeled differently.

Are any reports available in Spanish?

Currently, no reports are available in Spanish. We do have Spanish translations of some reports and resources. See Resources in Spanish or Arabic.

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