Please try again. The data has expired or is no longer available.

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When opening a test session or taking an action in a test session, you get the error message: "Please try again. The data has expired or is no longer available."

There are several possible root causes for this error message.


Error occurs when making changes to an open session

If the error happens when you are modifying or closing an existing session, try the following steps:
  1. Sign out of MAP using the Logout link in the upper right. This won't affect any students currently testing; they will be able to continue testing while you are logged out.
  2. Log back in to MAP and try adjusting the test session again.
  3. If the error recurs, try clearing your cache. See How to clear various web browsers' caches.

Error occurs when selecting Manage Test Sessions

Multiple proctors using same computer
If you get this error when two proctors need to proctor on the same machine, they should use two different browsers with different logins, not two tabs within the same browser.

Inactive term
If the error occurs for all proctors, this indicates that the current term is inactive. Your District Assessment Coordinator or System Administrator can reactivate the term using the instructions below:
  1. Navigate to Modify Preferences and select Manage Terms
  2. Select the current academic year and click View/Update Terms
  3. Locate the current term and check the Active Box
  4. Once all changes have been made, click Submit.

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